Ribot Barstool by Ethimo

The natural teak collection created by Ethimo and Marc Sadler, featuring dining chairs, lounge armchairs, footstools, coffee tables, and extendable tables, now stars a tall stool with a backrest. The new Ribot stool has the same solid composition and modern minimalism of the other chairs, with the characteristic delicate forward slant, and also has an essential detail that is both functional and decorative: a stainless steel bar that acts as a comfortable footrest. Ribot comes in two heights (82 cm and 92 cm), each of which has been designed to suit different uses. The taller version, bar stool, is a high chair created to accompany high tables and counters, whilst the slightly lower version, counter stool, is perfect for pairing with tables, outdoor kitchen islands, or other eating areas with a counter you can either sit or stand at.

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